Systems For Financial Accounting

Initial Installation

Regardless of the size of a new client's portfolio, the base system that is installed is easily expandable to support their growth in volume and product types, without having to convert to a different platform at a later stage.

Prior to contract approval, SFFA will perform an on-site review so that the customer's system can be staged at our offices. This will facilitate its use within one day of installation. In cases where the process also involves the conversion from an existing system, the staging will include the conversion function as well.


SFFA systems are implemented on HP 64-bit Alpha and Itanium servers. In the event that the system will be installed within an existing network, SFFA will work with customer personnel to implement the new server in a manner that is consistent with the customer's standards and responsive to user needs.

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Our systems proudly run on HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems, on the HP OpenVMS operating system