Systems For Financial Accounting


SFFA's revenue and success is tied almost directly to the success of our customers. The initial investment and the monthly license/support fees are not based on the number of users or the functionality that is provided but rather the number of active schedules within a customer's portfolio.

Initial Investment

The initial investment is for the time it will take for SFFA to implement the system and train the personnel who will use the system. It will also include modifications that will be made to address requirements that are unique to the customer. In many cases, these will include changes to make the system more "familiar" to the customer and to promote ownership within the customerís management and user community.

The initial investment is NOT "front end loaded," unlike most software vendors. The investment is spread out over an extended period of time, through monthly license and support fees. Recognizing that our license and support fees are on a month-to-month basis, SFFA has to "earn" its revenue rather than to do a good job of marketing it.

Monthly License/Support Fee

This fee is paid on a month-to-month basis. It is based solely on the number of active schedules in a client's portfolio and is adjusted annually on the anniversary date of the initial installation. The number of software modules in use and the number of users are NOT factors of the monthly fee. This approach is used as an incentive for SFFA to promote a client's success and provide the tools to support growth.

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