Systems For Financial Accounting

Client Satisfaction

SFFA's clients recognize us as a valuable member of their "team." Our support is not limited to the use of the system that has been implemented for them. It also includes advice and assistance on all phases of their business.

SFFA has a staff that includes personnel with over 20 years of experience in providing systems for your industry. This includes not only system design and implementation but also daily one-on-one support to the user community.

We are able to assist in solving problems or providing advice in areas of your business that may or may not be system oriented. We have seen how large and small companies have addressed problems that you have or will face in your day-to-day business, and we can be a valuable resource.


A third party was hired by SFFA to ask our customers how we have performed, and some of the quotes obtained from that inquiry are listed here.

  • "We needed flexibility and they implemented a system that gave us exactly what we needed. The real value of systems provided and supported by SFFA is in the adaptability to make any change at any time."

  • "To us, nothing is more important than the business relationship. Without SFFA, we couldn't have built the comfortable relationships we have with our lending institutions."

  • "As for making the systems match our needs, SFFA identified our goals and built a program as unique as our own business drive."

  • "Our ability to efficiently manage a $6 billion portfolio is the result of SFFA personnel listening, designing, and implementing to our specifications."

  • "Once in place, a SFFA system grows with their unmatched service and support."

  • "When compared to other available systems, SFFA systems have greater flexibility than any other system."

  • "SFFA implemented our system before we booked our first lease. With little input on what our expectations were or the type of products we would offer, our portfolio grew to over 3,000 schedules in less than a year and with a staff that had little or no leasing experience. We could not have been so successful in such a short period of time without SFFA being on our team."

  • "SFFA has truly been a partner in our success. They have a financial incentive as well as a desire to help us grow and be successful."

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